2019/01/24 GORT 1.12

    New features

  • Messaging Level setting: adjusts GORT chatiness.
    gort msglevel high|med|low|none
  • Calendar Alerts: GORT can now @mention members when calendar event reminders get triggered, or when a calendar event gets changed
    gort calalert 1|2|3|off

2018/12/28 GORT 1.11

  • Free GORT PRO instances for Dockbot owners
  • Bugfixes...

2018/12/18 GORT 1.1

  • The GORT PRO feature set is now available for purchase on Pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Standard GORT continues to remain free.
  • All existing GORT PRO instances receive a free, no obligation 20 day PRO subscription.
  • If not renewed, the PRO features will automatically dectivate when the subscription period ends.
  • Our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions have changed. Please see the links at the bottom of the page.
  • Documentation has been updated.
  • Bugfixes...

2018/11/20 Minor release: GORT 1.001

    New features

  • Reputation Score: GORT utilizes a proiprietary algorithm to calculate users' reputation score based on their activity patterns in other GORT-enabled groups. Reputation Score is a number between -999 and 999. GORT can now check Reputation Score of any newly joined/added user and instantly kick them out if the score is not high enough. This is a great way to deal with disruptive users and spammers who join your groups using Share URLs.
  • Examples:

  • "gort minrep 0" enables reputation checks and sets the minimal rep. score required to join the group to 0
  • "gort minrep off" disables reputation checks on join/rejoin/add
  • "gort show badrep -10" will report existing users with the Reputation Score lower than -10
  • "gort whois ..." now reports the Reputation Score, among other things

2018/10/01 Major release: GORT 1.0

    New features

  • More efficient mass user status changes: "gort make regular|trusted|admin|co @user1 @user2 ..."
  • Mass alert groups of users: "gort alert inactive Nd|regular|trusted|admins Blah blah..."
  • Content filter: "gort restrict|allow images videos urls events polls files emojis"
  • Mass migrate protection: "gort migrate" will refuse to migrate from other GORT rooms where "gort nomigrate on" is set
  • Status command can be disabled to preven status spamming: "gort nostatus on|off"
  • Smart Ban checks users against banlists in all groups under the same owner: "gort smartban on|off"
  • Global banlist for known especially disruptive users (not user-manageable)
  • Manually readd kicked users: "gort readd kicked by Name|member_id"
  • "gort whois" reports user account age and nicknames previously used in the group
  • More group settings controls: "gort kick ...", "gort name", "gort topic", "gort lock|unlock"
  • Fixes/improvements:

  • The Remote Console is now group-based, not DM-based
  • "gort restrict chat" now ignores valid custom commands and calendar events
  • The GroupMe Admin status is automatically set for GORT Admins and COs, and removed when they're demoted to Trusted or Regular.
  • No need to uninstall GORT before making group ownership changes. User history, commands, tasks all preserved once the new owner re-authorizes gort through the Portal.