How to get GORT:

Standard GORT is free for everyone to use. To install GORT in your chatroom, use the Activation Portal.

You will be redirected to the GroupMe OAuth page where you will be asked to sign in with your GroupMe credentials to authorize access: the Portal will require access to your GroupMe account in order to install GORT. For security reasons, you may only install GORT in the rooms that you yourself own!

Remember that changing your GroupMe password after your GORT is installed will invalidate your existing GroupMe app authorizations and prevent GORT from working properly. To re-authorize GORT after a password change, simply log on to this Portal again.

For information on how to use GORT, please check out the GORT User Manual!

Looking for GORT PRO? Install regular GORT first, then type "gort pro on".

For updates and important anouncements about new GORT releases, follow us on Twitter!