How to get GORT:

GORT is free for everyone to use. To install GORT in your chatroom, use the Activation Portal.

You will be asked to sign in with your GroupMe username and password: GORT will need to use your security token to connect to your chatroom. Note: for security reasons, you may only install GORT in the rooms that you yourself own!

GroupMe now allows group ownership changes. Please remember to uninstall your GORT before you pass ownership to a different user in the group!

Also note that changing your GroupMe password after your GORT is installed will invalidate your security token and prevent GORT from working properly. To re-authorize GORT after a password change, simply log on to the Portal again.

Remember to review the GORT User Manual!

For updates and important anouncements about new GORT releases, follow us on Twitter!

GORT is a work in progress. Features may change at any time. Not affiliated with GroupMe, Inc. GORT is provided to you as is, with no guarantees of any kind.  Use it at your own risk!