In addition to standard GORT features, the GORT PRO feature set provides a number of powerful tools to help you manage your GroupMe chatrooms:

  • User Reputation Checker
  • Mass Alert
  • Selective Alert
  • Calendar Alerts>
  • Profanity filter
  • Content Type filter
  • Mass kick/readd commands
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • User-defined commands
  • Room Migration Tool
  • Migrate Protection
  • Smart Ban
  • Whois
  • Remote Management Console
  • Messaging Level settings

User Reputation Checker

GORT utilizes a proiprietary algorithm to calculate users' reputation score based on their activity patterns in other GORT-enabled groups. Reputation Score is a number between -999 and 999. GORT can now check Reputation Score of any newly joined/added user and instantly kick them out if the score is not high enough. This is a great way to deal with disruptive users and spammers who join your groups using Share URLs.

gort minrep N : Enables reputation checker and sets the minimal rep. score to N, where N is a number between -999 and 999. Hint: "gort minrep 0" is a good place to start. "gort minrep -10" would be less aggressive.
gort minrep off : Disables the Reputation Checker
gort show|kick badrep N : Shows or kicks existing users with the Reputation Score of N and below.

The Reputation Score is also one of the things reported by the whois command.

Mass Alert

GORT can alert every person in the room by ringing/buzzing their mobile device, just like the "@ mentions" for individual users. Use with care!

gort alert <Your Text Here> : Mass mentions everyone in the room with the message specified.

Selective Alert

gort alert regular|trusted|admins|inactive Nd<Your Text Here> : Mass mentions only the specified user class. Note that "admins" alerts admins, co-owners, and the owner. "inactive 90d" alerts users inactive for over 90 days.

Calendar Alert

When enabled, GORT will @mention members in the room when a GroupMe Calendar event notification gets triggered, or when time settings of an existing event get updated. You can specify who gets notified using different flavors of this setting:

  • gort calalert 1 Enables notifications only for the members who have accepted the event invite by clicking the "Yes" button in the event object in GroupMe. (Default)
  • gort calalert 2 Enables notifications for all members EXCEPT those who have declined the event by clicking "No" in the invite.
  • gort calalert 3 Enables event notifications for everyone with no exceptions.
  • gort calalert off Disables event notifications.

Note: in order for event notifications to work, make sure that reminders are enabled when you create an event in GroupMe calendar: for example, set Reminder 1 to "30 minutes before" and Reminder 2 to "At time of event". Each reminder will trigger a GORT Calendar Alert.

Profanity Filter

When enabled, GORT will watch for bad language in chat, warning and kicking the offenders. Messages from promoted users are ignored by the filter. The filter is written with US/English profanities in mind.

gort pfilter on|off : Toggles the profanity filter on or off.

Content Type filter

GORT can identify and resrict certain content types: Just like profanity filter, messages from trusted users and above are always allowed.

gort restrict|allow images videos urls events polls files emojis : Restrict or allows the content types specified.

Mass kick/readd

These co-owner level commands allow to perform operations on a group of members as specified. Use with care!

gort readd kicked by <Nickname>: Re-adds to the group all members kicked by the member specified
gort kick regular : removes all Regular (unpromoted) users from the group
gort kick added by <Nickname>: Kicks all members added to the group by the member specified
gort kick inactive <time int>: kicks all members inactive for at least the time interval specified from the group. Default is 30 days.
gort kick new <Status> <time int>: Kicks all matching members from the group (same format as "gort show new) command. Example: "gort kick new rejoined 7d" kicks all members that have rejoined the group within 7 days.

Hint: Each "gort kick ..." command has a corresponding "gort show ..." command with the same exact synthax. Use the show command first to see which users will be kicked by the matching "kick" command, e.g. use "gort show inactive 60" before "gort kick inactive 60".

Scheduled Tasks

GORT PRO now includes a task scheduler. Tasks can be set to run at specific dates and times, or after a specified time interval, and to optionally repeat. The only supported tasks at the time are regular messages and alerts.

gort show tasks : Lists the summary of all scheduled tasks.

gort show task <task id> : Lists the details of the task specified.

gort delete task <task id> : Deletes the task specified.

gort task <task id> on|off : Toggles the task on or off. Tasks disabled in this manner are not deleted and can be reenabled when needed.

gort AT <date/time> POST|ALERT <Your Text Here> : Schedules a new message or alert to happen once at the specific date/time . Think 'alarm clock'

gort IN <time int> POST|ALERT <Your Text Here> : Schedules a new message or alert to happen once after the specified time interval passes. Think 'timer'.

gort task <task id> repeat <time interval> : sets the repeat interval for an existing task, without affecting its text or the initial execution time

gort task <task id> repeat off : disables task repeat

gort task <task id> POST|ALERT <Your Text Here> : Updates the action and the text of an existing task, without affecting its scheduled execution times

gort task <task id> at <date/time> : updates an existing task to run at the specified date/time, without affecting its text or repeat interval

gort task <task id> in <time interval> : updates a task to run after the specified time interval passes, without affecting its text or repeat interval

The Time Interval string format: XXdYYhZZm, where XX is the number of days, YY=hours, and ZZ=minutes, e.g. 7d10h30m

The Date/Time string format: as specified by ISO 8601. e.g. 2017-05-31T22:30:36+00:00 or 2017-05-31 22:30:36 (ISO8601 simplified). Note: GORT always keeps time in UTC. Your date/time string may specify any offset from UTC, but GORT will convert it to UTC time and display as such.


gort at 2017-12-31 23:59:59 post Happy New Year London!
gort at 2017-12-31 23:59:59-05:00 alert Happy New Year New York!
gort in 3d10h30m alert Testing countdown timer
gort show tasks
gort task 12345 repeat 7d
gort task 12345 alert This is now a weekly alert.
gort task 12345 off

Hint: scheduled messages support image attachments. Just attach an image with your "gort at..." or "gort in..." command, and GORT will repost it with the message.

Custom Commands

GORT PRO allows you to program your own custom commands that provide simple predefined responses to specific trigger words. Custom commands need to be prepended by a single "/" character (forward slash) in chat. Note that if prepended by a double slash (//), the same command will trigger a group alert. These custom commands are chatroom specific, and will not affect other chatrooms.

gort newcmd <trigger> <Response Text> : Creates a new custom command. The trigger word must be a single word with no spaces.

gort listcmd : Lists all custom commands.

gort deletecmd <trigger> : Deletes an existing custom command.


gort newcmd tgif Thank God it's Friday!
(GORT will reply with "Thank God it's Friday!")
(GORT will send the same message as an alert: "@23 users: Thank God it's Friday!")
gort deletecmd tgif

Hint: just like scheduled messages, custom commands support image attachments. Attach an image when you use a "newcmd" command, and GORT will send the same image with the response.

Room Migration Tool

GORT now provides a simple way to populate a chatroom with all members of any other chatroom.

gort migrate <group_id> : will attempt to mass add all users from the chatroom specified by the group_id into your chatroom.
Note: in order for this to work, the person running this command must be present in both chatrooms. The group_id is a unique numeric identifier of the other chatroom as reported by 'gort status'. If the room you're migrating from does not have GORT, its group_id can be obtained from its Share URL. Example: if the share URL is https://web.groupme.com/join_group/1234567/53YGK6 , 1234567 is the group_id.

Migrate Protection

GORT will refuse to migrate users from any other GORT room where migrate protection is enabled.

gort nomigrate on|off : Toggles the migrate protection flag.

This is an owner/co-owner level command.

Disable the Status command

To prevent status spamming, the "gort status" command can be disabled for anyone who's not an admin or above.

gort nostatus on|off : Toggles the status command for non-admin users.

Smart Ban

When you own multiple groups, this feature make it easier to ban users from all of them. When enabled in a group, this feature combines the GORT banlists from all rooms under the same ownership and applies them to the room where the command is run. Effectively, when anyone is banned from any other of your rooms, they're automatically banned here as well.

gort smartban on|off : Toggles the Smart Ban feature.


Queries the internal user database and shows various user information such as join date, method of joining, message count, reputation score, etc. This command is best used from the Remote Console.

gort whois Nickname|member id : displays information about a specific user

Remote Management Console

The GORT PRO remote management console allows you to fully manage your GORT PRO instances without introducing unnecessary chatter in your chatroom, making your interactions with GORT totally invisible to other group members. To initialize this feature, issue the following command in your chatroom with GORT PRO only once:

gort remote : make GORT create a dedicated Remote Console chatroom for you.

This chatroom will become a remote management console for all your GORT PRO instances (including those where you're a co-owner). You may issue any "gort ..." commands here like you normally do in your regular GORT-protected chatroom, and they will be redirected to the connected GORT instance. Note, however, that nothing will appear in your chatroom: any output that the commands will produce (with the notable exception of "gort alert ..." will be redirected back into your console! There is no session timeout. If you accidentally leave this chat, just run the "gort remote" command again, and GORT will re-create it.

In addition to all normal "gort ..." commands, the Remote Console has its own commands:

show remote : will display all GORT PRO instances that can be remotely managed by you (where you have owner or co-owner permissions).

connect <group_id> : will reconnect the remote management console to the specified GORT PRO instance.

Hint: if you're not sure which GORT PRO instance the console is connected to at any given moment, just run "gort status".

Messaging Level settings

You can control your GORT's "chattiness" in response to various events by using these setting:

  • gort msglevel high: All messages are enabled (default)
  • gort msglevel med: Disables all messages related to join events ("bad rep", "banned user", "joining is not allowed", etc.
  • gort msglevel low: Additionally, disables warnings on restricted user actions (changing group settings, kicking users, etc.)
  • gort msglevel none: Disables ALL messages including profanity filter and content filter warnings (not recommended).

How to get GORT PRO

  1. Install standard GORT first using the Portal
  2. Type "gort pro buy"
  3. Follow the link posted by GORT to purchase PRO features
Hint: you don't have to be the GORT owner to purchase a subscription for the room: anyone can follow the link and make a purchase. You can even split costs with other members in the room by making several small purchases, the subscription periods will add up. Just pay as you go, we will not autocharge you when the subscription period ends!

Why we charge for GORT PRO:

Charging a small fee for this premium feature set allows us to to continue improving GORT, pay for the servers it runs on, offer live support, and keep the standard GORT free - all that without begging bombarding you with ads or selling your personal info. Thank you for supporting us!

Free Trial

You can try GORT PRO before you buy. Just type "gort pro try" to start a 7 day GORT PRO free, no obligation trial. Note: you may only evaluate GORT PRO once, in one chatroom. The "gort migrate" command is not available during the trial period.

Please tell us how you like GORT PRO, what can be improved, which new features you would like to see! Constructive feedback is always welcome at admin@botsol.net.