GORT (Groupme Overwatch RoboT)

GORT is a GroupMe bot specifically designed to add security controls and other enhancements to your GroupMe chats, making it it easy and safe to run large public chatrooms in an orderly manner with our favorite group chat app. With GORT, hijackings of your chatrooms, mass user removals, and unauthorized changes to group settings are all things of the past!

GORT introduces a hierarchical user system with granular permissions, making it easy for group owners to protect selected group settings and restrict certain user actions, while allowing to designate trusted users that can bypass GORT controls and administrators that can manage GORT itself.

Once installed, GORT continuously monitors your chatroom and responds to unauthorized changes by restoring original settings and performing other remediation actions including kicking offenders and re-adding wrongfully removed users.

Current version: 1.1
What's new

Feature highlights for v1.1

  • Protection of all group settings such as name, topic, avatar, office mode.
  • Selective restriction of various user actions
  • Kick protection
  • Auto kicking repeat offenders
  • Ban: prevents rejoin or readd, can ban even after the user leaves
  • Antibot: prevents installation of other bots in the group
  • Antighost: detects and kicks users who explot the "ghost rejoin" bug
  • "Room full" alert: will page admins when the room becomes full
  • Welcome message: GORT greets new users who join the group
  • Granular user permissions: regular user, trusted users, admin, co-owners with different access levels
  • Various group settings management
  • User activity tracking
  • Various user queries and mass kick commands
  • Mass alerting
  • Profanity filter: warn and kick people who swear
  • Content Type filter: restict posting images, videos, URLs, etc.
  • User Reputation Checker: prevents spammers and distruptive users from joining your group
  • Remote management console

GORT runs in the cloud, requires no software downloads, and can be easily attached to any chatroom that you already own!

Protect your chats with GORT now!